Lisa Jones

March 17, 2021 - 179 views

Lisa Jones - Spiritual Media Influencer 

Love from Lisa is Lisa Jones’ latest endeavor, in collaboration with award-winning pianist, Ed Bazel, in sharing the divine wisdom that she channels from the Beings of Love and Light.

After a transformative shared-death experience, Lisa began communicating with this loving, calm energy, which she shares with humanity, to help them navigate the ever-changing challenges of living life on earth.

Lisa Jones is the author of the Art of Living Happy, inspirational speaker, intuitive guide and consultant for top-level performers in global business, high-profile celebrities and individuals alike. Her life-changing meditations, podcasts and stage shows reach and teach the powerful potential of spirit, abundance, and the key to true inner happiness.

Media appearances: ABC, CBS, Fox News, CNN Money, Business Insider, STAR 99.9 FM, 77WABC AM, AKAKU TV & Radio.


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