The River of Calm Holiday Live Stream Concert 2021

December 17, 2021 - 03:36 PM - 2429 views

The River of Calm presented a very special holiday show with 7 gifted pianists each playing one of their favorite carols!

The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™

The River of Calm Headphones for Chemotherapy Project

Here at the links to the Artists you heard:

Pam Asberry 

Ed Bazel

Joseph Akins

Cathy Oakes

Philip Wesley

Eric Bikales

Dane Bryant


Miller Piano Specialists

The Bazel Group, Inc.
Celebrity Concerts

Photography: Deborah Sheridan

Social Media: Kim Montray LaCoste

On behalf of the Artists and our team - thank you for being a part of a beautiful evening of musical expression, as well as a part of The River of Calm community.

May the calm be with you!


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