The River of Calm Headphones for the Holidays Project

November 29, 2022 - 10:46 AM

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Great News! Thanks to the astounding success of the Healing Headphones pilot project last year, we are continuing The River of Calm’s mission of music as a healing force with the launch of the Headphones for Holidays initiative!
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Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Alive Inside - the visionary movement that uses music to relieve pain and improve human connections with elders and youth – your generous donations will enable us to provide a cancer center with “All-In-One" MP3 / WAV Music Player headphones. The wireless, rechargeable headphones contain hours of specially curated music from the artists on The River of Calm to ease a patient’s discomfort of experiencing chemotherapy.

These headphones with customized music will make such a positive difference in the lives of our patients as they undergo treatment for cancer.”

Joe Kilgore
Executive Director
Maury Regional Health Care Foundation

Is there a cancer center serving patients in your community that could benefit from our Headphones for Holidays initiativeRecommend a cancer center here!

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Check out our video here.

To donate, please visit our GoFundMe page here. Your donations will enable The River of Calm to provide headphones with specially curated calming music to more patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

May the calm be with you this holiday season!


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