Online Music Channel Seeing Uptick of Listeners And Subscribers

January 01, 2021 - 12:00 AM

The River of Calm’s 20-Minute Livestream Concerts Soothing Sounds During Pandemic, Protests

Online Music Channel Seeing Uptick of Listeners And Subscribers

(Nashville, Tenn.) As the country continues wrestling with civil unrest in the streets and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a growing number of people are turning to a Tennessee-based online music channel for at least 20 minutes of live performance relief three times a week.

The River of Calm – Music To Soothe Your Soul™ began its 20-Minute Livestream Concert Series in Spring, featuring 20-minute live performances with The River of Calm artists from their homes. The cozy concerts air Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 pm Central Time. The shows also provide artists an outlet to showcase and sell their music during a time of lockdown and canceled concerts.

“We’re keeping the music going,” says The River of Calm founder Ed Bazel. “All of us are in an unprecedented time, and many are experiencing unhealthy stress and tension during these times. We started these entertaining and relaxing 20-minute concerts to allow our listeners to enjoy calming music and meet our artists personally in their homes and to interact with them in real-time.”

“The River of Calm’s 20-Minute Livestream Concerts are a welcome relief to both artists and our fans,” says pianist and composer Holly Jones, who earlier this month played her first 20-minute show. “Where before The River of Calm listeners listened to our music, now these shows allow artists to bring the listener right into their living rooms and studios. I do think it helps during these uncertain times.”

hollyjonespianowide.jpeg (118 KB)
     Holly Jones

“We plan to continue these special 20-minute concerts as our nation heals,” Bazel adds. “These concerts are positively affecting our listeners. We are doing our part to bring calm and tranquility to a troubled world.”

The River of Calm ( is a Nashville, Tenn.-based online music channel that features soothing, serene music from a growing list of more than 122  independent artists, including pianists, vocalists, guitarists and more. In addition to music, The River of Calm features uplifting news stories, videos, meditations, monthly live streaming concerts, and its Beyond the Music Podcast that showcases in-depth interviews with River of Calm artists.  The channel now boasts listeners in 168 countries.

The River of Calm is also available on Android and Apple devices. Listeners can now say, “Alexa, open The River of Calm” to immediately find peace in an often chaotic world.


The River of Calm - Music to Soothe Your Soul™ is an online music channel founded on the belief that music can heal, soothe and inspire others around the world. For more, visit

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