Finding Peace in ‘The River of Calm’

June 18, 2019 - 11:09 PM

New online music channel bringing soothing music to a chaotic world

(Nashville, Tenn.)— The deluge of 24-hour negative news, endless social media posts and emails, political vitriol and stresses of daily life has a growing number of people around the world diving into a new streaming radio station- The River of Calm.

The River of Calm ( is an online music channel that features tranquil, serene music from a list of nearly 50 artists, including pianists, vocalists, guitarists and more. In addition to music, The River of Calm showcases news and articles on music, healing, affirmations and meditation. The channel now touts listeners in 144 countries. The River of Calm is also available on Android and Apple devices.

“Musicians and artists have become therapists for the soul,” says Ed Bazel, who created the music channel. “The River of Calm was created as a soothing oasis of sound for listeners demanding positive, healing music, affirmations and upbeat news on health and wholeness. Stress does not discriminate; it is a universal problem, and there is a great need for people to heal themselves. The River of Calm is helping people relax and live a more stress-free life.”

Entrepreneurs often start companies as a way to solve a problem or provide a product that initially affects them. Bazel, a pianist and music industry veteran, says he started The River of Calm as a way to heal himself.

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“Nothing calms me more than sitting at my piano and hearing the warm, natural sounds of an acoustic piano that resonate with my soul,” Bazel says. “While I started The River of Calm as a way for me to reduce stress and the cacophony of negative sounds and messages, over time the list of musicians continued to grow. I soon discovered that I was on to something very important here.”

“When I first heard of The River of Calm, I contacted Ed immediately because I believed in what he was doing with the online channel,” says Eric Bikales, a Nashville-based pianist and flutist. “I feel I’m now doing my part in making the world a more peaceful place to live.”

The River of Calm is set to expand into live stream concerts. Beginning April 17 and continuing every third Thursday of each month beginning at 7 p.m., two River of Calm artists will perform live shows on Facebook Live, Livestream,TwitterYoutube, Periscopeand Twitch.

“We look forward to bringing soothing, live music to our listeners,” Bazel adds. “It’s been said that when words fail, music speaks. The River of Calm allows music to speak the refreshing language of peace, joy and positivity.”


The River of Calm is an online music channel that features soothing music for the soul. For more, log onto

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