Thad Fiscella The River of Calm

Thad Fiscella's music is inspired by his life, family, and relationship with the Lord. His songs are simple, heart felt expressions of personal convictions, raw emotions, and experiences throughout his life. Many people describe Fiscella's award winning music as inspiring instrumental music from the heart that is both peaceful and passionate. Music styled around classical implementation, but very much juxtaposed with contemporary sounds and hints of jazz.  Fiscella's music is created for peaceful relaxing, but to also draw listeners in by painting musical portraits and telling stories through beautiful and uplifting music. Fiscella's mission is to serve the Lord and to be His vessel, to see the gospel shared, and to see people's lives changed through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. His passion is to use his gifts and talents to glorify the Lord, draw others to God, and help create an atmosphere that provides the listener with relaxing meditative music to unwind and relax from the stress of every day life. Other than writing music, Fiscella's current focus in ministry is with Youth/College students and leading worship.

Musically, Fiscella is often compared to musical greats George Winston, Jim Brickman, Yiruma, and David Nevue. His songs often combine a unique rhythmic sense (particularly his use of rubato) with melodic simplicity and counterpoint. The fusion often produces a particularly delicate sound in the balance between melody and harmony, and also rhythmically creates a soft and interesting harmonic feel, especially in his use of 12/8 time signature.

Originally from Ottumwa, Iowa, Fiscella currently resides in Missouri, and is married with three beautiful children. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Music. He has been writing and composing music from an early age, beginning with whistling and singing, and eventually writing music for piano and orchestra by age 12. Fiscella grew up listening and studying classical music, which typically resounds some way in his music. He studied piano, violin, guitar, and percussion throughout his school years, and is currently focused on the piano and digital instruments. Fiscella has been involved in ministry and ministry projects for 15+ years, including teaching, leading worship, and youth ministry. His passion is to serve the Lord in whatever capacity needed. Fiscella's original intention for composing and creating music was for background music, or for times of meditation or relaxation, especially for his three young children. His music is designed for a time of calm easy listening or events where background music is needed. Fiscella’s music has been played all over the world, in day cares, spa’s, retail stores, and business offices, for art shows, dinner parties, banquets, and weddings.


Grand Design is Fiscella's first solo project which started it all. Released in 2006, musically it is a blend of simplicity and technique; melodic, and at times impressionistic, containing fan favorite songs Letters of Grace, Mother's Devotion, and Remember Me. VAST is Fiscella’s second solo piano album, released in June of 2008. Fiscella's most popular album to date, including songs Angel Kisses, For Ross, and Long Awaited Love, It is also full of emotionally charged songs, filled with simple and thoughtful melodies, but even more relaxing and calming than previous and later albums. Love Without Words is Fiscella's third album, released in 2010, it was a project to honor his family and 10 years of marriage to his wife. Many of these songs are inspired by his family and friends, and the emotion of the music follows suit. Impromptus, Vol. 1 is Fiscella's fourth CD, and is entirely different than anything Fiscella has done before. Impromptus, Vol. 1 is a CD of his works of improvisation and simply sitting down and recording what is currently on his heart and mind. These recordings are more classical in nature, and because they are impromptus, some imperfections are present. Fiscella's fifth CD The Road Home contains some of his most popular work to date including songs Beauty of Grace, First Dance, and At the Cross. The Road Home is one of the defining CD's that brings the description of Fiscella's music that it can be listened to and enjoyed at any time and any place, "music that fits your life". Fiscella's sixth release, Peace, Comfort, and Joy: A Sacred Christmas, is Fiscella's first attempt at a Christmas release. He intended this CD to be a reflection of his style, but to also keep the overall presence and musical intentions of the original Christmas hymns recorded. Fiscella's Christmas CD is very relaxing and as one listener stated "It just feels like Christmas". Fiscella' s other intention with this Christmas album is to provide the listener with a CD they can sing along with to their favorite Traditional Christmas songs. Fiscella's newest CD Free to Fly released in 2014 is a very special album, dedicated to his father, who passed away during the making of it. Fiscella draws from that emotional experience while resting in his Heavenly Father for peace and comfort, which can be felt and experienced while listening.


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