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May 09, 2019
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The River of Calm’s Beyond The Music Podcast takes an up close and personal look at pianist and composer Joseph Akins.

Dr. Joseph Akins is a professor, pianist and composer, and has been deeply involved with music all his life. As a youth, he performed in his family’s country-rock band and toured with the pop-rock band Blaze. After the band split apart, Joseph enrolled in college to study composition, electronic music and jazz piano eventually earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee and a Master’s degree from Radford University. Since that time, Joseph has sustained a career in music and higher education with the release of eight solo albums and the acquisition of a doctorate in education. Today, Joseph divides his time between being a music artist and teaching music technology as a tenured professor for the Department of Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University.

Awards and Acknowledgments:

2017-2018: Into the Flow

  • Number 9 on the Billboard Chart for New Age Albums
  • Nomination for “Best Solo Piano Album of the Year” by Enlightened Piano Radio
  • “Top 20 Favorites of 2017” at
  • Number 11 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Radio Airplay

2015-2016: Castle Moon

  • Winner for “Best Album of the Year” by Enlightened Piano Radio
  • Nomination for “Best Album of the Year” by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio
  • Nomination for “Best Solo Piano Album” by Zone Music Reporter

2013-2014: A Southern Sun

  • Nomination for “Best Solo Piano Album” by Zone Music Reporter
  • “Top 30 Favorites of 2013” at
  • Nomination for “Album of the Year” by Enlightened Piano Radio

2011: A Piano Christmas

  • Winner of “Album of the Year” at
  • Nominated for “Best Holiday Album of Year 2011” at

2009 – Spirit Touch

  • “Top 40 Albums of the Decade 2000-2009” at
  • “Top 30 Favorites of 2009” at

2007 – Masterpeace

  • The title track, “Masterpeace”, was selected for one of the “50 Best Piano Songs of All Time” at Reviews New Age

Unkown Factoid:  Joseph still rocks his model collection from childhood!


The River of Calm Beyond The Music Podcast Episode #7

Artist: Joseph Akins
Host: Ed Bazel
Producer: Eric Bikales


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