Together, They Will Wake Millions

March 21, 2017 - 495 views

The documentary film "Alive Inside" changed the way we see elders living with Alzheimer's Dementia. We learned there is profound emotional "Aliveness" in them.  In the film, Music and Human connection are shown to awaken and transform life.  

At The Alive Inside Foundation,  they believe Music and Human Connection can transform life for all of us. They believe Music is more than just headphones on elders.  Music's anchient function has always been to spark an "Empathy Revolution," to bring together elders, youth, and community.  AIF wants to bring about an "Empathy Revolution" in eldercare and education.  AIF provides a forum for the creation of open-source education, tools, and community creation.  The goal is a future with more humane aging and more humane growing up! 


The Alive Inside Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring an Empathy Revolution through education, inter-generational practices, music, and film. We empower local communities to create meaningful, shared experiences that link generations, transform elder care and expand aliveness globally. We are working to inspire an entirely new vision for Eldercare and youth engagement in aging.


  1. Change the way aging is viewed and wisdom transference is experienced.
  2. Inspire youth to find value in aging and in connection with elders.
  3. Inspire purpose in youth.
  4. Reduce loneliness, boredom, and disconnection in Elders and youth.
  5. Improve communities and create space for sustainable core values.
  6. Create and Implement "CommUniversity" models for Eldercare.

Join the Movement!


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