Health Matters: Musical Healing for Kids

November 09, 2017 - 1754 views

Music and laughter are probably not the sounds you would expect to hear from inside a hospital. But at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida patients are encouraged to get out of their rooms and enjoy themselves.

Doug MacGregor, Arts in Healthcare program coordinator says it’s all part of a nationwide movement focused on bringing art into the hospital. “It’s part of the Arts in Healthcare program. We use arts of all different kinds, expressive arts. We use theatre, we use music, and we use art to keep our patients busy.”

Arts in Healthcare are designed to bring expressive and healing arts into the hospital. The goal is to help reduce stress and offer patients and their caregivers a chance to be entertained and feel normal. “We get all different types of music and art, particularly we get cello players, we got harpists, we get all kinds of classical musicians,” said MacGregor.

One of their most recent performers was Port Charlotte musician Mike Imbasciani. “Music can lift anybody up whether you’re in a hospital or not, so it kind of just lets them forget about what’s going on in their life for a minute.”

A temporary distraction to help entertain and encourage kids while they’re getting treatment. “It’s good for their healing process. Art is a healing process,” said MacGregor.



Hats off to the music healers of the world!



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