Guitars for Vets Program Teaching Music and Healing

August 17, 2017 - 445 views

Friday was graduation day for veterans in the 10-week Guitars for Vets program.

The program wasn't just about learning to play a new instrument. It was also about healing.

Air Force veteran Jon Goff said times were tough for him.

"Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, those types of things," Goff said.

The newfound love of music helped to change him.

"When your mind's racing and your thoughts are all over the place, to put your mind on something like trying to work on a chord pattern, or trying to get a strum down with a song that you've been trying to get, it really helps out because next thing you know, you're an hour or two hours down the road and your mind's at ease," Goff said.

Peggy Ullom turned to music after she struggled with depression after leaving the Air Force. She started the Guitar for Vets Nebraska chapter after realizing it could help others, too.

"We had a student who, on the first day I met him, had just no expression at all. By the third week, (he) was smiling from ear to ear," Ullom said. "It's life changing for me. You don't ever want to lose somebody to suicide, so it's an opportunity to give back."

She hopes more vets will see that there are programs to help.

"If someone that's struggling and you feel like you're missing something in life, or you need to plug in, reach out to Guitars for Vets. Reach out to us and just see," Ullom said.

For more information on the Guitar for Vets program, including ways to help, click here.

You can find more information on the Nebraska chapter on their Facebook page here.


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