Ed Bazel The River of Calm

Instruments Piano
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Contemporary pianist Ed Bazel's compositions are described as beautiful piano music with a soul-searching touch. His sense of melody combined with passionate expression make him a popular choice for listeners who want to relax and unwind.

Bazel’s piano playing started at age 5 in Huntington, West Virginia and eventually blossomed into performing at exotic locations and society events around the world.  He has been a noted cocktail pianist in Los Angeles, performing at private celebrity events and places like the Beverly Hills Country Club and The Ritz Carlton.  He was once was named “Best Pianist In Downtown Los Angeles” by a local LA newspaper.

In addition to being a gifted pianist, Bazel received degrees from Marshall University for business and the University of Kentucky for computer programming.  However, he is no stranger to the right-brained creative world.  He is an Addy Award winning creative writer, as well as a veteran producer of corporate events for Fortune 500 companies.  He has worked with an extensive list of concert artists, comedians, and speakers in over 25 countries.  Bazel was named "The Marco Polo of Modern Music" by the Los Angeles Times for groundbreaking work in China.  He is also the past president of IEBA (International Entertainment Buyers Association) and the past president of NATD (Nashville Association of Talent Directors).  In addition, Bazel is an avid cyclist who organized and rode "The City of Hope Transcontinental Ride for Hope" - a 3,000-mile transcontinental bicycle ride to benefit the City of Hope.

Bazel’s musical influences are varied and started with his parents playing Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Janis Joplin on their home stereo.  Coincidentally, his grandparent’s house in Detroit happened to be located only three miles from Hitsville USA, Motown’s first headquarters.  His piano influences are numerous and include Oscar Peterson, Gene Harris, Anthony Burger, Ralph Sharon, Danny Wright, Jim Brickman and Yiruma.

In 2017, Ed was the recipient of the MPS Hall of Fame Award in the Instrumentalist category amid substantial competition from some of Nashville’s great pianists.  In 2018, he received the MPS Hall of Fame Award as Entertainer of the Year.  Miller Piano Specialists is Nashville's Yamaha piano dealership.

Bazel looks forward to releasing a new CD and is working on one now.


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