Christopher Boscole The River of Calm


Pianist and composer Christopher Boscole has released ten albums of inspiriational and uplifting piano music. New Age, Neoclassical, Ambient, Jazz, Piano, Music, Easy Listening, Mood, Melodic, Happy. Modern impressionist piano music that is relaxing and meditative.

Boscole's music is both captivating and amicable, the more one listens, the more it becomes like a familiar friend. The music can both shine in the spotlight with the volume up or shimmer in the twilight with the volume down as background music. These endearing qualities contribute to its popularity as Christopher's last four releases all charted in the top 10 for world radio play at ZMR.

A New Age of Classical Piano was nominated by dj's worldwide for neo-classical album of the year. O Christmas Tree was nominated for Best Holiday Album with unique arrangements of timeless xmas favorites plus original compositions to warm your winter fireside. Presents of Angels was nominated for 2009 album of the year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. For smooth contemporary jazz piano ensemble check out September Song and Land of Music with vocals. Natural Instincts delivers traditional acoustic jazz piano trio with bass and drums joined by trumpet, saxophone, and trombone.


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